A list of past work, even if it could be comprehensive, is an imperfect indication of where our expertise may help you in the future, but at least it serves to make a bit more concrete the scale and scope of projects that we get involved in.


We have implemented systems on a diverse range of platforms, from single chip microcontrollers through applications based around the PC architecture, to complex multi-processor architectures, including embedded processing on high-end gate arrays with custom hardware acceleration. Some of these hardware platforms have been off-the-shelf; others of them have been designed by us. Sometimes we have used standard operating systems and sometimes we have written the operating systems ourselves. We have undertaken digital design using micro-controllers, programmable logic, gate arrays and embedded processing. We have interfaced to the real world in both the digital domain and the analogue domain, and have a wealth of experience in data acquisition and signal conditioning.


We have inter-connected systems using simple serial links, Ethernet up to gigabit speeds, high speed serial links and RF. We have implemented dozens of communications protocols, both standard and proprietary, and have our own TCP/UDP implementation which we have integrated into a large number of applications.

We have put together working software solutions in a day, and have completed projects with hundreds of thousands of lines of code and man-years of development effort. We have provided solutions across a broad and diverse range of application areas including industrial automation, scientific test equipment, vending, security systems, robotics, entertainment, point of sale and quality assurance.


We have designed systems that use high-speed video cameras and those that connect to power-over-Ethernet (PoE), or read radio-frequency identification tags, or barcodes; that control motors and lighting and ovens and refrigeration. The list goes on, but all that’s in the past.

The question is, what can we do for you now?