Need some help developing an electronic or software product?

We can provide a wealth of experience and technical know-how to help you complete your project, regardless of whether it is currently just a sketch on the back of a napkin or a detailed 500-page specification. We are fast, friendly and flexible and have a long track record of successful developments to give you the confidence you need to trust your idea with us.

We are happy to take on as much, or as little, of your project as you require. If you don’t have the appropriate in-house technical skills, we can take on the whole job, from a feasibility study through the specification stage to design, implementation and preparing for production. Alternatively, if you are looking for some extra resource to hurry things along, or to develop a one-off ‘special’, we can fit in seamlessly with your team.

We keep up to date with cutting edge technology but have enough experience to know that the latest thing is not always the most appropriate thing, and to know that re-inventing the wheel is very rarely cost effective.

Whether you have a well-defined requirement, or just want to kick some ideas around, please get in touch.
We are always looking for new challenges.